The marine environment is of great importance to all New Zealanders—supporting our communities, providing for our families, and enriching our lives.


The aim of the NZMVS is to help us understand the relationship between our values and our perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours towards the marine environment.


'Values' are our guiding principles—our broadest motivations—based on what we consider to be important in life, and we all have them. Values are strongly linked to our perceptions, attitudes and behaviours. The NZMVS asks 'universal' questions to understand your values. These questions cover the breadth of what we think is important, wherever we are in the world.

By gaining a clearer picture of the values that inform our understanding and use of the marine environment, we can promote cooperation and partnership, progressing efforts towards outcomes of mutual benefit to stakeholders and the marine environment.


The NZMVS is an independent, scientific research project and, as such, is founded on the principles of fairness and impartiality—maintaining academic integrity and operating as an honest broker of information on marine issues in New Zealand.

For more information on why values are important, please check out the following links: