Anyone can support the NZMVS by simply registering and/or completing the questionnaire (available from September 2019). We hope to have as large and diverse a group of New Zealanders fill out the questionnaire as possible, so please help us by sharing it as far and as wide as possible—especially via social media!





We will also be working with a range of New Zealand organisations, who are willing to help inform as many New Zealanders as possible about the NZMVS. We hope that this group of supporters will include a large number of stakeholder organisations from different areas of the marine sector; stakeholders who may not be used to collaborating with one another but may be willing to try a new approach in order to achieve improved outcomes for all New Zealanders and the marine environment.

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Mead, S. and Grove, N. (2003). Ngā pēpeha a ngā tīpuna: The Sayings of the Ancestors. 2nd ed. Wellington, N.Z.: Victoria University Press, p.73.

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