What is the New Zealand Marine Values Survey (NZMVS)?

The NZMVS is an online questionnaire on your values and opinions regarding our marine environment. It takes most people around 30 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary and confidential, and we'll share our findings with you once complete (mid-2020).

When can the questionnaire be taken?

The inaugural NZMVS has now closed, having been run during September & October 2019. Registration for the survey was available during June & July 2019. If you would like to receive updates about the NZMVS, please register here.

Where is the NZMVS based?

The NZMVS is being carried out through Victoria University of Wellington's Centre for Science in Society.

Who is behind the NZMVS?

Lead researcher Hamish Howard is carrying out the project as part of a Master of Science programme, with assistance from Dr Courtney Addison and Prof Marc Wilson.

Why is the NZMVS being run?

By gaining a clearer picture of the values that inform our understanding and use of the marine environment, we hope to promote cooperation and partnership, progressing efforts towards outcomes of mutual benefit to stakeholders and the marine environment.

Privacy Policy


All responses are treated with complete confidentiality and will not be released in any way that could identify you. Before analysis, your responses will be 'de-identified'—removing anything that could identify you. Your responses are then aggregated along with all the other responses, and the results are presented in the form of summary statistics. All reporting from this research will be made public via this website. We'll give you the opportunity to provide your name / email address so we can update you when results are published. This information will be stored separately from your questionnaire responses. Names and email addresses will only be used for correspondence relating to the NZMVS and will never be shared with any other party. Anonymous data will be stored indefinitely and may be shared on a case-by-case basis for research purposes. All data will be encrypted and stored in a secure database. Only the NZMVS research team will have access to this database.


The New Zealand Marine Values Survey 2019 has been approved by  The Victoria University of Wellington Human Ethics Committee  (application #0000027571). If you have any concerns about the conduct of this research please email the Victoria University of Wellington Human Ethics Committee at ethicsadmin@vuw.ac.nz


This project remains the sole responsibility of the author and any contribution provided to the project does not in any way signify endorsement of material published by the NZMVS. Unless stated otherwise, views published by the NZMVS are those of the author and do not represent Victoria University of Wellington or any other associated organisation.

Unless stated otherwise, views expressed on this website or in relation to the NZMVS are those of the author and do not represent Victoria University of Wellington or any other associated organisation.